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Line of Truth Radio

We are excited to launch our 24/7 internet Radio Station. We are playing messages from believers in the One True God. As with anything, it is a work in progress. If you have any troubles please contact us so that we can fix them right away. If you would like to submit or request a sermon email us at We will be working on improving the experience as we get a chance and if there is a demand. Listen...

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Line of Truth Podcast Episode #2: The Other Side of The Story

In this Episode With Lori Dooley: Lori Introduction ( 0:52 ) Lori’s background as a generational Seventh Day Adventist ( 1:32 ) The current state of spiritual pride within the Church ( 5:15 ) Lori’s experience with the trinity doctrine ( 7:55 ) Lori is confronted with the non-trinitarian pioneer message ( 11:40 ) Not interested, the church is not wrong, looking to prominent leaders ( 14:00 ) Studying the omega via the history of the church ( 17:50 ) The Father and Son truth makes the gospel real ( 22:58 ) The most difficult thing to understand (...

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Line of Truth Podcast Episode #1: This is My Story

In this Episode: I tell about my story about how I became a Christian and my ministry experiences  ( 1:04 ) How I became non-trinitarian by studying the omega foretold by Ellen White ( 5:13 ) How I studied the issue of the trinity ( 12:30 ) How the book The Ministry of Healing shaped my current non-trinitarian belief ( 14:30 ) Powerful quotes from Ministry of Healing Chapter 35: A True Knowledge of God (16:40 ) An Introduction to Line of Truth Ministries and How I decided on that name ( 27:00 ) An appeal to those who...

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