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Line of Truth Ministries was started by Matt and Lori Dooley in 2017 as a preaching, teaching and natural health ministry. Both Matt & Lori have a passion for sharing Jesus,  present truth, health, country living, family life and much more. They have dedicated their family to serve others in ministry.



Matt Dooley has been involved in ministry since 2007. He has served as a Bible worker, evangelism coordinator, health and evangelism educator, lay pastor but most importantly a husband and father. He enjoys spending time with his Bible,  his family, his best friend Mac (Computer), cycling, disc golf, reading and studying about the Bible, history, and health.

Lori Dooley


Lori is passionate about Jesus, Family, and Health. Lori is dedicated to a life of continual learning and self-improvement and has a deep heart felt desire to help others. She has served others as a Bible worker, a nurse, but most importantly, a wife and mother.

Gustavo Molina

Spanish Speaker/Author

Gustavo has a passion for sharing present truth with those around him. He attended a health and Bible training program in 2013 and has been serving in whatever opportunity the Lord places before him. Currently, he resides near Denver, Co with his wife and 4 children.

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Line of Truth Ministries is truly a faith based ministry and is dependant upon financial contributions their donations, offerings and purchases. Your support will be used to further the everlasting gospel of the three angels in Rev 14.

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